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Michael J. D’Almada-Remedios, PhD
Dr. Remedios’ background includes a successful track record for product innovation and development, outsourcing, global platform integration, massive-scale/hyper-growth operations, and building/developing teams from 50 to over 500. His key accomplishments at each company consistently show impressive gains in sales, profitability and global expansion into new markets.

Between January 2011 and September 2013 he was Chief Information Officer for Arbonne International, a billion dollar global cosmetics company. From February 2009 to December 2010 he was a Vice-President at Expedia, Inc. and was responsible for all technologies, product development and technical operations for hotels.com and Venere brands, including “One H”, the global integration of business and technology for hotels.com and Expedia, Inc.

Prior to February 2009 Dr. Remedios was Chief Technology Officer for Realtor.com and Shopping.com, a subsidiary of eBay, Inc. At eBay he was a member of the eBay Inc. Technology Board for eBay, PayPal and Skype. He was also a key member of the eBay Inc. workgroups for defining and driving the next-generation consumer experience “Finding 2.0”, “on-eBay” and the Advertising and Distributed Commerce Network offering “off-eBay”.

Earlier in his career, he was Global Chief Information Officer for the Travelocity group of companies and President and Chief Operating Officer of Bluelight.com, a subsidiary of Kmart. Dr. Remedios began his career as Vice President and Manager, Systems Integration & Development at Wells Fargo Bank, Consumer Banking Group.

Dr. Remedios recently joined software company, Swarm-Mobile. He has a PhD. In Computer Control and Fluid Dynamics from the University of Nottingham in England and a B.Sc. In Physics and Computer Science from Kings College, University of London in England.
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